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Welcome to The Durango Parent

The Durango Parent LogoThe Durango Parent is a community based website to provide moms and dads within the four corners region a single place where they can find information, resources, advice and even form connections with other parents in the community. It even provides a free classifieds service to help you exchange gear.

We started this site because when we first found out we had our first child on the way, we quickly realized how little we really knew about this coming journey. Everything from figuring out what the first steps were to finding the right resources in our community, it was a startling shock to find out just how much we really didn't know.  Not only that, but we soon became lost in irrelevant Google searches trying to find the right resources which added to our confusion and frustration. We knew that this community was rich in like minded, experienced and capable people, but simply didn't know where to look to find them... As time went on, we started figuring everything out but we quickly realized that maybe we weren't the only ones out there who were going through this so we started The Durango Parent.

Don't let the name fool you!  While we want to offer resources in the Durango / Four Corners area, we want any parent to feel free to join in the conversation with us and share what has and has not worked for you along the parenting journey. Anyone can join and we know that you will find the site useful. Simply click the register link or the "Join the Conversation" link above and start today.

Start out by sharing that critical advice to help other parents in the community that may be experiencing some of the same things - anything from where the best deal in town is on diapers this week to how to deal with your teen when they lash out. List Durango and Four Corners events that other parents should really know about. Add a classified ad to sell that baby gear that your little one has finally outgrown, or list a wanted ad in search of that perfect new crib. Search out resources, write a blog, or just sit back and surf to find something that is meaningful to you - It's your site too!

We built this site from the ground up so, if you find an issue, please let us know. Just have questions? Email us and we'll do our best to help.

Thanks for visiting The Durango Parent and we wish you luck on this journey, the most important adventure that we will ever take on...being parents!

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